Thrones Capital iq option targets capital growth and trading the US stock market index. The fund takes risk control as its top priority and draws the maximum benefit within the controllable risk range. The fund combines short-term trading, medium-term trend, and fixed-income strategy. It combines trend and value investment, and optimizes the combination into high-return, low-return, stable-revenue, and low-risk investment products. Thrones Capital strategy leverages artificial intelligence and big data analytics with supervise learning and reinforcement learning algorithms. The artificial intelligence engine learns historical market data and real-time market data, dynamically optimizing trading model. The fund's goal is to obtain higher annualized return under the premise of controlling risk.

Multi-Asset technology

Suitable for various asset classes and markets. The solution combines Futures,Options, Forex, Equities, and Spread Betting in AI model

On the market since 2016

The current version of Thrones Trading system is on the solidly built various financial technology system and based on many years market data.

Suitable for various purposes

Thrones Capital consists of modules that allow us to build solutions tailored for different purposes.

Advanced AI technology

Thrones Capital apply most advanced AI technology with wide array of models for variety of instrument types and trading styles.

"Patience to ensure that true aim finds the true target"- Marco Polo

Investment is a long journey. Flying high is not our primary aim. However, stable incremental return is our true goal.